Enabling Our Alexa Skills

If you’re anything like us, you won’t want to spend more time getting something done. If you have an Amazon Echo or another Alexa-enabled device, then this guide is for you! We’ve made it incredibly easy to do and you’ll be done quicker than you can say lickety-split.

Step 1: Find your Alexa-enabled device.

Step 2: Say ‘Alexa, enable Station You Want (e.g. Chill Acoustic)

Step 3: To end the stream, say ‘Alexa, stop.’

Step 4: To start again, just say “Alexa, open Station You Want (e.g. Chill Acoustic)’

We’re busy working on making the skills even better, and soon, you’ll be able to ask what song is currently playing or get song history for the previous 10 songs (fingers crossed)!