Christmas is Here!

Call us early if you will, but we thought we’d let you know that our fab Christmas station, Chill Xmas is now back up and running for the festive season.

On the 1st January this year, we said our farewells as the holidays began to finish and Christmas trees were taken out as we looked forward to the year ahead. Now, after several months, the temperature is starting to drop (in the UK at least) and the days are becoming shorter for us. It is with great pleasure that we bring back to you our Christmas station, renewed with a shedload of brand new music for you to relax to over Christmas 2018.

Many thanks for your continued support to Chill Radio

— The Chill Radio Team

Providing for our Listeners

Here at Chill Radio, it is a number one priority for our listeners to have an enjoyable and satisfactory time listening to our stations, and we think that it is very important that we deliver on that. Only yesterday, we added over 300 new songs to the station and today we are working to get more to you.

Furthermore, we are looking into finally launching a 3rd full-time station on the network and are still finalising details on that. Let us know what you’d like to see next!

– The Chill Radio Team

Our Plans for the Future

Only 18 days ago, we switched off our Christmas radio station and put it in the cupboard for another year. Now, however, I have noticed that our listening count is going up and up with consistently high numbers of concurrent listeners in addition to the favourites on TuneIn of which Chill Acoustic is just shy of 1000 and Chill DNB which is growing steadily and is at 1.5K.

We are looking into how we can improve our stations more and we are now looking into how we can improve the streams in addition to our website and our brand. We are also looking to launch a few new stations in the near future (we’ll update you when we do) and test out a new playout system to work better and more efficiently for us.

We (as a team) thank you for your consistent listening to our station and we hope that you will carry on listening far into the future.

– The Chill Radio Team

P.S. Have you checked out our discord server where you can leave feedback and talk with fellow listeners?

A Good Year

Today is New Year’s Eve and tomorrow we will be embracing the fun and good times to be had in 2018. This year has been amazing for Chill Radio, with the launch of a fully revamped website and a new station for the festive season — Chill Xmas.

Over this year, Chill Radio has seen a massive growth in numbers, with our Christmas station adding many new listeners to the network. Now that Christmas is over, we are seeing fewer listeners across the network which is to be expected as not many people listen to Christmas music after Christmas. This evening, we are hoping that many people will listen to either Chill DNB or Chill Acoustic during their parties or quiet evening.

Many thanks to all of our listeners and we hope you continue listening in the future!

– The Chill Radio Team

Keeping Our Stations Up

Thanks for checking out our website!

As you may have heard, our stations all went down the other week due to an issue with our service provider. We are always working to make sure that the service we deliver is available 24/7 to you for free (donate!) and when we found out that our service was down, we ensured that it would be back online as soon as possible.

We let you know about our important updates via our Twitter, @UkChillRadio and restored our services as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, this was an issue beyond our control as there was a whole data centre outage which took many companies’ services offline. As far as we know, we have not had an outage that we could’ve instigated so far and we are constantly adding updates to the stations to keep them more robust and useful for you.

If you think we could do better or you have an issue, please let us know via our Twitter account, @UkChillRadio. Thanks for listening to the Chill Radio network and have a pleasant day!


Thanks for visiting the site! We have finished our rebranding process and you can now listen to all of the stations on the Chill Radio network on this site. Thanks for listening and enjoy your time on the site.