Join our Discord server today! Have a chat with us our your fellow listeners on a voice channel or just hang out in the text channels. Want to share feedback or ask us something? Our Discord server is probably the best place to do so if you want a quick reply or obviously you can message us on Twitter @UKChillRadio or on Facebook at /UKChillRadio.

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Server Rules:

Please respect each other and listen to all staff. Don’t swear excessively and don’t promote yourself without permission. Do not troll people e.g. rickrolls and just ignore annoying people.

This server is managed and moderated by me and my friends from school, and is all voluntary work so please give us time to respond to your queries.


  • Trusted [Dark Green] (can post links and files),
  • Moderator [ Light Green] (can moderate and ban people),
  • Admin [Red](can post announcements etc),
  • Owner [Yellow] (in charge of server).