Keeping Our Stations Up

Thanks for checking out our website!

As you may have heard, our stations all went down the other week due to an issue with our service provider. We are always working to make sure that the service we deliver is available 24/7 to you for free (donate!) and when we found out that our service was down, we ensured that it would be back online as soon as possible.

We let you know about our important updates via our Twitter, @UkChillRadio and restored our services as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, this was an issue beyond our control as there was a whole data centre outage which took many companies’ services offline. As far as we know, we have not had an outage that we could’ve instigated so far and we are constantly adding updates to the stations to keep them more robust and useful for you.

If you think we could do better or you have an issue, please let us know via our Twitter account, @UkChillRadio. Thanks for listening to the Chill Radio network and have a pleasant day!

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