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As you may have heard, our stations all went down the other week due to an issue with our service provider. We are always working to make sure that the service we deliver is available 24/7 to you for free (donate!) and when we found out that our service was down, we ensured that it would be back online as soon as possible.

We let you know about our important updates via our Twitter, @UkChillRadio and restored our services as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, this was an issue beyond our control as there was a whole data centre outage which took many companies’ services offline. As far as we know, we have not had an outage that we could’ve instigated so far and we are constantly adding updates to the stations to keep them more robust and useful for you.

If you think we could do better or you have an issue, please let us know via our Twitter account, @UkChillRadio. Thanks for listening to the Chill Radio network and have a pleasant day!

2 thoughts on “Keeping Our Stations Up”

  1. Dear Chill Radio team

    I just recently found this great station and really enjoy listening to it.

    Just one comment that came to my mind: Basically you can discern the music played into three categories; chillstep, NCS (life OMFG etc.) and a third one (relaxing voice but an unchilled fast light drum beat in the background; I do not know the name of this ‘music’). Did you ever think about making three channels for each style, so that the respective music is more homogenous?
    Since this is the only station in the mytunerradio app that plays such music it might broaden your audience. Just as a suggestion/inspiration.

    Best regards from Switzerland

    1. Dear Heiko,

      Thank you for your suggestion on our stations! Whilst we do want to have a large variety of music and to offer our listeners the best service possible, it is very costly for us to set up and maintain new streams for our listeners as we make very little (if any) profit from the stations at this point in time. This is because we rely solely on donations and revenue from the streams and our server costs are quite high so the cost of the servers is just about equal to what we make from advertising. Furthermore, we look to prioritise the stations with the most listeners (e.g. Chill Acoustic is a lot more popular than our DNB station) and look to create stations where there is going to be a bigger audience.

      If you would like to see more stations in the future, the best way to do so is by sharing our stations with friends/family as well as on social media so that we can grow and gain more listeners, which in turn will lead to more stations that we could create and if you really love our stations, a one-off or monthly donation at would be hugely appreciated.


      Charlie @ Chill Radio

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